Making a tail wag at a time.

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You get tail wagging treats delivered to your door.

We donate a portion of your purchase price to a local rescue organization. 

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What is Treat of the Month Club?

How it Works

Choose a Treat Size

Choose from:

 - Bones (2 inch bone shaped)

Bites (About 1 inch square)

Tiny Treats (About 1/2 square)

Choose a Flavor

- Flavor of the Month (We send a new flavor each month.)

- A Mixed Bag (A mixture of PB, Pumpkin, and Apple & Cheddar

- Your Favorite Flavor (PB, Pumpkin, or Apple & Cheddar)

Choose Where We Donate

10% of your purchase will be donated to a local animal welfare organization. The choices here are all organizations that we have personal experience with. Choose from: Eau Claire County Humane Association, Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter, and Bob's House for Dogs.