Now through December 31st we'll donate 20% of your purchase price to a local animal welfare organization.

How It Works

Keep tails wagging by joining our Treat of the Month Club.  You'll receive our handcrafted, all natural dog treats delivered to your door.  And we donate a portion of your purchase price to a local animal welfare organization. 

Joining is easy!  Here's how it works:

1. Choose Your Flavor

When you purchase a Treat of the Month Club subscription, you’ll have three flavor options to choose from:

  • Flavor the Month – With this option you’ll receive a different flavored treat each month.
  • Favorite Flavor – Want to stick with one of our tried and true flavors? Choose from peanut butter, pumpkin, or Apple& Cheddar.  Keep in mind you’ll receive the same flavor every month.  You can contact us and change  your flavor.
  • A Mixed Bag – The perfect choice if you can’t pick just one. A mix of our Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, and Apple & Cheddar biscuits.

2. Choose your Treat Size

When you make your purchase you will select the size treat you prefer.  There are 3 options:

  • Bone:  2 ½ inch bone shaped treat
  • Bite:     About 1 inch square
  • Tiny Treat: About ½ inch square.

 3. Choose where to donate

We donate 10% (sometimes more) of your purchase price to a local animal welfare organization.  When you make your purchase, you will select which organization you would like us to donate to.  All three listed are organizations that we have personal experience.

4.  Leave us a note

At check out you’ll have the option to leave us a note.  Please tell us your dog’s name and birthdate (or adoption date).  We’ll include a special treat in the month of their special day.


Delivery Schedule

We ship our Treat of the Month Club treats around the 15th of each of month. Orders placed by the 5th of the month will ship that same month.  Orders placed on the 6th of the month or after will start the following month.